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GO Related Resource Count : 49,394

You can search resources by Gene Ontology (GO ID, GO Term, GO Gene Product).


GO ID :    (ex. GO:0000002, GO:0000023)
GO Term :    (ex. metabolism)
GO Gene Product :    (ex. ADH1, lectin)

Tree View

At 'A / B resources (genes)' of the tree view, 'A' is a number of resources (genes) associated with this GO Term directly.'B' is the sum of resources (genes) associated with this GO Term and its descendants. If 'B' is bigger, it might take a lot of time to display the link of 'B'.

Database contents

This database contains the latest monthly data ( June, 2015 ) at Gene Ontology TM Data.
Mapping resources to Gene Ontology is currently in progress.

Resource Related GO : Mouse 10,480 resources
C. elegans 6,395 resources
Drosophila 9,573 resources
Rice 305 resources
E. coli 15,467 resources
Yeast 190 resources
Cellular slime molds 6,984 resources
Term :   Biological Process 30,288 entries
Cellular Component 4,225 entries
Molecular Function 11,483 entries
Gene Product :   43,505,132 entries