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Resource count: 6,565,738

Resource Information LEFL1025BA08

Resource Information
Organism Tomato
strain or clone DNA
Category LEFL1
Resource name LEFL1025BA08
Availability Available
Library : LEFL1
Category : HTC
Origin : Leaf
Note : pathogen-treated; Other treatment ; JA treatment, SA treatment
Viruses : CMV ToMV
Fungi : Pythium oligandrum (PO),Nonpathogenic Alternaria alternata,Corynespora cassiicola,Cladosporium fulvum,Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycoperrsici,Non-pathogenic Fusarium oxyspor
Bacteria : P. s. pv. tomato DC3000,P. s. pv. tabaci 660
Accession Number : AK321479
Taxonomy : Solanum lycopersicum
Reference : Yasumoto S, Seki H, Shimizu Y, Fukushima EO, Muranaka T. (2017) Functional Characterization of CYP716 Family P450 Enzymes in Triterpenoid Biosynthesis in Tomato. Front Plant Sci 8 21
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Distributors information
Organization Head of the Plant cDNA Bank Section
Person in charge Nobumi Kusuhara
Postal Code 292-0818
Address 2-6-7, Kazusa-kamatari, Kisarazu, Chiba
Phone 81-438-52-3927
FAX 81-438-39-3918
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