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Resource count: 6,565,695

Resource Information LEFL1034BD04

Resource Information
Organism Tomato
strain or clone DNA
Category LEFL1
Resource name LEFL1034BD04
Availability Available
Library : LEFL1
Category : HTC
Origin : Leaf
Note : pathogen-treated; Other treatment ; JA treatment, SA treatment
Viruses : CMV ToMV
Fungi : Pythium oligandrum (PO),Nonpathogenic Alternaria alternata,Corynespora cassiicola,Cladosporium fulvum,Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycoperrsici,Non-pathogenic Fusarium oxyspor
Bacteria : P. s. pv. tomato DC3000,P. s. pv. tabaci 660
Accession Number : AK322165
Taxonomy : Solanum lycopersicum
Reference : Sun X, Li H, Thapa S, Reddy Sangireddy S, Pei X, Liu W, Jiang Y, Yang S, Hui D, Bhatti S, Zhou S, Yang Y, Fish T, Thannhauser TW. (2020) Al-induced proteomics changes in tomato plants over-expressing a glyoxalase I gene. Hortic Res 7 43
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Distributors information
Organization Head of the Plant cDNA Bank Section
Person in charge Nobumi Kusuhara
Postal Code 292-0818
Address 2-6-7, Kazusa-kamatari, Kisarazu, Chiba
Phone 81-438-52-3927
FAX 81-438-39-3918
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