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Resource count: 6,565,695

Resource Information HEV Number : HEV0019

Resource Information
Organism Animal / Human cells
strain or clone Strain
Category EBV transformed B cell
Resource name HEV0019
Availability Available
General characteristics : Human B lymphocytes transformed by Epstein-Barr Virus. HLA A*24
Animal : human
Subspecies : Japanese
Sex : Female
Age : 53
medical history : healthy
Tissue derived : peripheral blood lymphocytes
Morphology : lymphocyte-like
Lifespan : infinite
Taxonomy Id : Homo sapiens
Reference : Taniguchi I, Iwaya C, Ohnaka K, Shibata H, Yamamoto K. (2017) Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis reveals hypomethylation in the low-CpG promoter regions in lymphoblastoid cell lines. Hum Genomics 11(1) 8
Kitajima H, Sonoda M, Yamamoto K. (2012) HLA and SNP haplotype mapping in the Japanese population. Genes Immun 13(7) 543-8
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Distributors information
Organization Cell Engineering Division (Cell Bank), RIKEN BioResource Research Center
Person in charge NAKAMURA Yukio
Postal Code 305-0074
Address 3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Phone 029-836-3611
FAX 029-836-9130
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