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Reference Related Resource Count : 24,911

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Mapping resources to references is currently in progress.

Reference Related Resource Count:   Rat  8  resources
Medakafish  14  resources
C. elegans  2,035  resources
Silkworm  195  resources
Ciona Intestinalis  103  resources
Arabidopsis(Plant cells, Gene)  1,210  resources
Barley  36  resources
Rice  624  resources
Morning Glory  352  resources
Chrysanthemum  5  resources
Lotus  31  resources
Glycine  51  resources
Tomato  119  resources
Prokaryotes (E. coli)  2,488  resources
Yeast  329  resources
Pathogenic Microorganisms  2,353  resources
Animal / Human cells  54  resources
Embryonic stem cell  3  resources
Prokaryotes (B .subtilis)  6,872  resources
Cellular slime molds  8,029  resources