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Gene Ontology
Disease Ontology
Resource count : 6,555,074


Mouse 775,243
Rat 559,526
Drosophila 306,445
C. elegans 11,228
Silkworm 193,936
Medakafish 1,299,096
Zebrafish 1,771
Macaca fuscata 167,159
Ciona Intestinalis 491
Oxycomanthus japonicus 27
Chicken 38
Quail 22
Paramecium 40
Xenopus 370,665
Arabidopsis(Plant cells, Gene) 589,089
Rice 21,751
Wheat 1,265,375
Barley 145,570
Chrysanthemum 509
Morning Glory 63,440
Lotus 200,714
Algae 5,220
Glycine 47,885
Tomato 194,539
Cellular slime molds 12,671
Pathogenic Microorganisms 27,057
General Microbes 17,912
E. coli 33,884
Bacillus subtilis 7,532
Yeast 103,932
Virus 165
Embryonic stem cell 5
Animal / Human cells 2,378
other bacteria 32
DNA material 129,727

Data revised on :
May 12, 2020

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